Note to Self:
The beauty of getting older realize that you just aren't meant for everyone. Not everyone will like you, not everyone will see how great you are, and not everyone will agree with you. But you eventually get to a point where you accept it and move on. I remember when my feelings would get so hurt when someone spoke negatively of me. But I'm at an age where I'm feeling too old to even really care past a day. You just have to snap out of it and realize that other people's opinions of you are truly none of your business. You have to be confident enough to tell yourself "Well that sucks that they feel that way because I'm still going to be me. I'm still freaking awesome." Life is way too short to be focused on negative energy. It's so crazy to me how we as humans have so much influence on one another. One little comment from another associate can make or break our day. Have you ever tried to analyze your thoughts in that moment and go "But why is this affecting me like this?" Like really sit there and analyze that emotion you feel at the moment. We have the ability to make our brains stop controlling so much of ourselves. It's time to start controlling our brains...before we go nuts. So take the time to refocus on what's really important. As long as you know that you aren't cheating yourself out of life and trying your hardest to do what's right in whatever're good! Let those who are secretly miserable and stuck in their own screwed up way of thinking...continue to be screwed up. Be great and nothing less!