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This post is really ….for us. 

You see here babygirls….

If I’ve learned anything thus far in life, it's that “life" will for sure at some point decide to turn into a perfect little annoying female dog. I like to call her “A bitch”…yes, that’s it!

I want to hold my babygirls. I want to tell them that everything will be just fine. I want to fast forward a couple years to where the wound isn’t so freshly cut open…burning, inflamed, and needing immediate care. I want to take away that dark cloud that seems like it won’t ever go away.

I’m not quite sure how ... not even a year apart from each other, we’ve both managed to lose the only man we knew as “dad”. But it happened. And I have to step back a little and let you two figure this brutal process out. I’ll ALWAYS be here for my babygirls, but I definitely can’t completely stop the hurt or overwhelming thoughts that tackle your brain from time to time like I want. That all comes with time.

You see here babygirls….

You probably can’t see it now, but HE has something big in store for us. HE needed us to wake up  first and learn some things before we could move to the next level. I know it's hard to understand now, but I am for certain HE is taking us all somewhere big. Right now you’re probably still in shock. You’re probably still feeling like “This can’t be real. I must be dreaming”. You’re probably feeling like “I can’t do this”. Trust me, I’ve been there. But what I can say is that it gets so much better with time. You become so much more stronger, and less tolerant of people and situations that try to place negativity onto your plate. You realize that life is way too short to care about things that just aren’t even worth caring for. It was from my hurt, pain, frustration, and sadness that my motivation evolved tremendously. I feel like I can and will accomplish anything I want after going through what I did. And you will too. You’re Hobson girls. You’re my friends (All my friends are so strong!). You’re my sisters.

Mourn and take the time you need to heal your hearts. But there will be a day when you realize this is all part of life’s cycle. It’s inevitable. All of us will one day feel like our hearts were ripped out of our chest. All of us will one day face the passing of someone we loved so much. But we have got to keep pushing forward and leave a legacy for ourselves. Just as our fathers have done for us. I love you both so much. And I refuse to let you ladies sink. 

We are little pistols. Bad. Ass. We got this baby girls. 



Throwback highschool pic up top lol

Throwback highschool pic up top lol