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Meet Courtney. A 26 year old new, New Yorker! She actually happens to be one of our really good friends who decided that it was time to start living for herself. It was time to do what she had to do in order to get closer to her dreams. So one day, Courtney decided to pack up her stuff and head to NY in efforts to expand on her career. With no money, job, and little support, Courtney has learned the true definition of resiliency. We are such in awe of her courage. Meet this fellow outsider, and take a look at her journey thus far! 


“New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of… There’s nothing you can’t do.

Now you’re in New York… These streets will make you feel brand new, bright lights will inspire you…”

Sounds really good right?

If you took the lyrics of Jay-Z feat Alicia Keys: Empire State of Mind as literal as I did… then you are wrong my friend. It is NOT as good as it sounds. I cursed Alicia when I moved to New York.

The song has an upbeat tempo and such an inspiring message that it makes you want to move to New York with the belief that you can do anything if you make it happen there. While the message is true, my fault was that I missed the big IF FACTOR. Jay even said it in the first few bars… “And SINCE I made it here, I can make it anywhere.” I felt like they tricked me, saying “Come on Court, look at all these lights. Look at all these successful people and companies based in the big city. You belong here!”



It was all pretty good at the start. My former employer was nothing but supportive of my decision to leave; my family was all for it (some were in question of my actual plan); my *friends* in NY were all “Yea girl come, this is gonna be awesome!”, “I know people… I have connections”, “I work for so and so, and I can do this and that, send me your resume!”; And On top of that, a family friends girlfriend (did you follow?), who lives in Brooklyn, offered to let me stay at her place and house-sit while she was traveling for a month.  SCORE!

So I packed up my apartment, packed three suitcases with my hopes and dreams and moved my happy tail to NY.

From the moment I landed… shit wasn’t as pretty as the picture that was painted. None of the contacts were ever available to meet me and eventually stopped replying. That was ok because I know everyone doesn’t want to be bothered. But my issue came into play with my friends. After applying for multiple positions at a company a close friend worked for, I was sure I would start working sooner than later. But all but the first couple of emails were ignored. And to make it worse I hardly saw any of the plenty of friends I thought I had here. One even said to me “That’s how it goes when you move”. It was a shock to me that no one tried to make time to just hang out, or help me feel comfortable, or introduce me to their friends, or invite me on the outings. Nope. That’s just how it goes Court. And don’t get me started on the transportation system! You think, oh it’ll be cool riding the subway and I don’t need a car this is going to be a breeze! WROOOONG! I think I got lost every day when I first got here. And during rush hour, if you ever believed in personal space… let that shit go because it does not exist! I damn near had a panic attack one day because it was so hot and this mans belly was basically grazing my eyebrow as I sat on a 40 minute ride home. (It takes me minimal 40 minutes to get everywhere.)

All of this started to get pretty difficult to deal with. I found myself feeling so discouraged, emotionally; mentally; and physically drained, depressed, and broke. I have never, not had a job. Like since I was 15. So to get here and have nothing and get ignored for every single, literally, every single job I applied to, made me feel like I was breaking and I was failing. The one job I did get, through my bf as a bartender, was really shitty pay and bad tips and no set hours. Needless to say, that didn’t work for me and I didn’t work for them (No seriously, they paid me a whopping $35 under the table, so there was no record of me ever being there) And then, the time came for me to move out of my hosts place, to where? I had no idea.

I was so ready to quit. To just say screw it and move home. My dog was there, my mom was there, and all of my ** friends were there. But when I went home for a couple of weeks, to work some hours at an old job, things weren’t the same. I realized nothing was left for me to do in Chicago. I was at a part-time gig that couldn’t really give me any hours, and I was staying in my parents place boo-hooing to my mom. I didn’t want that. I wanted to make it. I wanted to be ok with the decision I made.

During that time of grief and self inflicted misery, I slowly began to realize… Courtney, you did some big shit kid! I followed my heart and my dreams. It did not work out AT ALL how I planned or expected, but what ever does? Not having the people to take care of me and look out for me, made me do something really scary… I learned to look out for MYSELF! To take care of ME! To go explore on my own and be that hustler I have ALWAYS been. And most importantly I realized that I HAVE NOT, AND I WILL NOT FAIL!

The past three months of tears and hard experiences did NOT break me. By the grace of God and the strength He has given me, I kept on and will keep on going. Through my tears every time I got lost, I didn’t give up and get in a cab. I cried that shit out (in the middle of the street somewhere in Brooklyn), wiped my face, and found my way. I still get lost, but now I just laugh and walk for 30 minutes until I find a train and then ride that for an hour until I actually get on the right one, and then try it all over again the next day (Plus I’ve lost like 10 pounds from all the walking). Through every job I applied for, and got ignored, I just applied for another one. Through getting rejected from NYU, I said cool, I’ll just apply again. For every friend that didn’t understand why I was upset with them, I made new friends and hung out, and found cool bars, and just cool people to talk to… who by the way have referred me to some good opportunities and other cool people. And it has been great having P here who has been my biggest support system here and kept me from losing my shit and allowing me to move in with him.


So back to the beginning… Jay-Z said “And SINCE I made it here, I can make it anywhere.”

The bright lights, big stars and constant movement in the city can be very appealing. But this shit takes hard work, tears, and guts baby. It is truly a struggle, but I have never worked harder in my life than I have here.  This city does not break you… it forces you to make yourself. This is no playground, it’s a concrete jungle and there is nothing that I can’t or that I won’t do. if you come here you have to be ready to grow the fuck up.

After these three (short but seemingly endless) months of being here, I feel like I CAN do anything and I WILL do what I have to, to keep going. If I need money, I’ll dog sit, work a weekend event, or even sell my precious purple guitar (*that one still hurts a little*) just to get by. Cassidy and Jay-Z said it best: “Ima Hustla… Ima Ima Hustla Shawty… Ask About Me!” My drive, enthusiasm, and spirit is the driving force towards my success here, and anywhere. I am a New Yorker.

(Oh and btw, I got a job! And two days after starting that job… I was presented with another job opportunity… and another one after that… :-)So I’d like to think that shit is working out just fine)


The New, New Yorker



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