Vanessa Hobson

Vanessa is a Chicago native, raised in the city's south suburbs. She has lived in several of America's major cities, but recently found herself back in Chicago where her heart is rooted. Through her life-long dance training and professional background in TV production and Advertising, she has always been passionate about communicating through art. She has had the pleasure of working with brands like E!, Nickelodeon, Rock The Vote, Vans, and Bud Light. Growing up with a twin sister, Vanessa's life has always been a balancing act between uniformity and individuality which made her the person she is today. During college, she learned that her passion and her strength was in writing but never seriously explored it until now.  Vanessa is dedicated to using this blog as a creative outlet — a space to get accustomed to being outside of her comfort zone, and hopes to connect with others along the way. She is eternally ambitious and lives by the quote "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."